Account Alerts

onlineAlertsStay informed and in control of your finances with alerts to your cell phone, email or secure online message center.

Would you like to receive an e-mail when a deposit is made to your account? Or get a text message when your account falls below a certain balance? With account alerts you can monitor specific account activity and we’ll notify you when it occurs.

To enroll and subscribe to the new Alerts:

  • select the Manage Alerts link on the Online banking home screen
  • select Contact Options, enter your email and phone number as well as any time frames that you do not want to be notified (Do not disturb)
  • select the alert option(s) you would like to receive and the method you would like to receive it

Examples: text, email, mobile notifications (app notifications) and Online banking alerts (secure inbox)

Note:  When selecting the mobile notifications, there is an odd description that you  may not recognize.  Don’t worry, this is your mobile device name.  (An example is heroqltevqw app notification.)

With the new Alerts, you will be able to:

  • Receive alerts via email, text, mobile notification, or in Online banking (secure inbox)
  • Choose “Do Not Disturb” timeframes to accommodate your schedule
  • Set limits for balance and transaction type alerts to keep you aware of balances and make you aware of unauthorized use of your account.
  • Set security alerts to keep you aware of any unauthorized access to your online banking

Account Alerts

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