onlinePopmoneyThe fast and easy way to send money to family, friends or anyone.

It’s a fast, simple and secure way to pay other people, whether for child care, rent, or money you owe someone for dinner – the possibilities are endless! It’s easy and your recipient doesn’t have to deal with a personal check. You can ‘Pay Other People’ anywhere, at any time, using only the recipient’s email address, mobile number, bank account, or debit card.

It’s already a great way to send money, and now with Popmoney Instant Payments, there’s a same-day option! When the funds just have to be there right now, use Popmoney Instant Payments.

Instant Payments do NOT have a cut-off time and can be sent 24/7…..365 days a year. A small fee is charged for each transaction.

You can send the money three different ways:

  1. Email
    • mobile phone
    • Account Information
  2. Mobile Phone
    • Text message with instructions to recipient
  3. Directly to recipients account

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To use popmoney you must enroll in Bill Pay by clicking on the Bill Pay button in Online Banking.